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Manhattan Kickers FC is dedicated to developing and fostering in all of our players a love and passion for the game of soccer, along with a sound technical skill base. While we take pride in league titles and tournament championships, we are most proud of our continued effort to develop technically strong soccer players who think well on the field, love to play the game, work hard, and aspire to reach the highest levels in youth soccer, college and beyond. Our goal as a coaching staff is to develop each player individually so that they can progress through the levels of the Manhattan Kickers Football Club (ages 4-12) and into MLS Academies or our affiliate club, Metropolitan Oval (ages 13-18). 

We train at least three times during the week from September through June using a curriculum that focuses intensely on individual ability and game intelligence. Our practices focus on soccer as a team sport and plants the seeds for a lifelong love of the game. Practice sessions aim to develop individual technique including dribbling, passing, shooting, and tactics (decision-making). Our model differs from most soccer programs in that we stress building a solid foundation of skill at the most crucial younger ages so that the player will be able to succeed at the highest levels of soccer later in life.

On weekends, the players ages 5-8 will participate in small-sided games (4v4, 3v3, 2v2) in a low-pressure environment where the focus is on utilizing the skills that were honed in training. We are strictly focused on player development (both short- and long-term) and not concerned with competition until the players are ready. In the small-sided environment, the players will have more exposures to the ball as well as be an active participant in a match. Multiple encounters of dribbling, shooting, passing, defending will take place during these small-sided games, which engages the young player and greatly enhances his joy and love for the game. Players ages 9-12 will play games against local competition.


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