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Italy 2022

Barcelona and MIC 2022

France 2021

Brazil 2019

In July of 2019, the Kickers returned to Brazil. The team traveled to Rio de Janiero with a 2009 team and a 2009/10 team, and competed against some of the largest clubs in Rio - Vasco de Gama, Flamengo, and Botofogo. Against Vasco de Gama's 2009 team, MKFC battled to a 1-1 tie and won in a shootout. The entire group also attended the Copa America final at Maracana, watching Brazil defeat Peru 3-1. 


Spain Trip 2018


In 2018, three MKFC teams traveled to Spain from March 23rd to April 2nd.  The 34 players and four coaches, and 21 parents was the largest group out of any previous trip. Like previous trips, the group spent the first part of the trip in central Barcelona, but then traveled to Valencia to compete in the DV7 Cup, hosted by El Planter.

In Barcelona, the team toured Segrada Familia, the Camp Nou, and other famous sites. On the field, they trained at INEFC - Universitat de Barcelona and even had a session of soccer and yoga on the beach. While in Barcelona, the team travelled outside of Barcelona to Vilafranca to play in a mini-tournament hosted by FC Vilafanca, where the 2007 team reached the final.

The group travelled to Amposta for a night, the home club of coach David Vilanova. There, the team trained and played against CF Amposta. After a large traditional meal, the group arrived in Valencia for the DV7 Cup, hosted by El Planter.

DV7 Cup

U12s: The 2006, coached by David Vilanova, team started strong with a 2-1 win against EDM San Blas, from Madrid, with fine play from goalkeeper Gus Diaoune and defender Darius Lamport. The team had continued success through the tournament, including an exciting 2-2 draw against one of the teams of La Liga club Valencia CF. The U12 reached the final, where they fell short in a rematch against EDM San Blas. The team finished as runner-up and Andri Frasheri won the trophy for the age group's best player.

U11s: The 2007 group started strong but was upset in the final group match, and did not reach the final. Coached by Marko Malovic, the team was led by strong play from Ben Kaspin and Liam Biggers, along with guest player Daniel Salom.

U9/10s: Coach Eduardo Cruz's U10 team was comprised of players born in 2009 and 2008. The young group provided the most excitement. After an exciting 2-0 win to start the tournament, they lost the second match by a big margin to EDM San Blas from Madrid. However, the team went on to earn positive results in the next two games in dramatic fashion (three goal comeback and last minute comeback) to reach the finals. In the finals, the team came back to tie the game in the last minutes of regulation and win in a shootout, against EDM San Blas the team who defeated them previously. The entire group showed great spirit in their comeback wins. Individually, the team was led by strong play from Julian Hall and Jack Mize, as well as Chase Marshall who won the tournament award for the best player of the age group.

MKFC is proud of the dedicated group of players, parents, and coaches, which enabled the players to have a quality soccer experience. With over 10% of the trip being supported by scholarship, MKFC was happy to make the trip available to all of the players in those ages who wanted to experience Spanish soccer. 



2008/2009's - DV7 Cup Champions

Winning the shootout!

Chase Marshall wins award for best player in the age group.

2006's - 2nd place, DV7 Cup & with David Vilanova at his former club CF Amposta


Andri Frasheri wins award for the best player in the age group.

2007's in Vilafranca

Teams with FC Vilafranca



Barcelona Trip 2017


In April, the Manhattan Kickers FC - DV7 brought a team to Barcelona and competed in the 2005 age group of the Mediterranean International Cup, one of the most competitive youth tournaments in the world. At the 2017 event, MKFC advanced to the quarterfinals - a best ever finish for the club who has played in the MIC the past three years. The team also attended an FC Barcelona match against Real Sociedad, and toured not only Barcelona but other historic towns in Catalonia.

Led by MKFC President Evan Rosenthal and Coaching Director, Hector Nunez, the team arrived in Barcelona on April 7th to visit the city and prepare for the tournament. Based in the neighborhood of Gracia, the team trained and played in three friendlies: first against a FCB Penya selection squad at the fields next to the Camp Nou, and then FC Cardedeu, and the last preparation match was against CE Europa, at their stadium. With three games under their belt, the team traveled to Palamos for the MIC and a first match against Southampton FC, from England.

In the first of three group matches, MKFC was down 0-1 at halftime but came alive in the second half and won a back-and-forth match 6-3, upsetting the Premiership youth club--with great play and an important goal from Ryoma Colyar (2005). The next group match was against Sutherland Shire from Sydney, Australia. It began as a physical match but MKFC took control towards the end of the first half and never looked back - and the score finished 8-0. MKFC player Jonathan Shore (2007), playing two years up, scored a hat-trick and Nikolai Peralta (2005) provided a strong defensive performance. In the final group match, the team was in great spirits and performed well against Masaki Sports Academy from Japan, scoring quality team goals in a 10-1 win. The team got another three goal performance from Jonathan Shore along with two goals from defender Sam Davis (2006).

Winning the group was a great achievement for the small club of 90 players. But the team was not finished. In the first knock-out round, MKFC eliminated YS Gem Academy from Japan, 3-1, in a match that was televised in Catalonia. In that game, the team was led by goalkeeper Pol Gonzalez (2005) and two goals from the lone 2004-born player, Julian Larrea. The team then faced Racing Sarria  CF of Catalonia in the round of sixteen. In one of the best matches of the trip, led by the great play and three goals of Weston Jonke (2005), the team won 6-4 and moved to the quarterfinals -- setting up a match with RCD Espanyol, the winners of the division the past two years.

In the quarterfinals, MKFC's place was among large clubs such as RCD Espanyol, Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Lyon, Valencia CF, along with Catalan club CE Mercantil and CF Badalona. The quarterfinal was another televised match, and in the end MKFC was overpowered by RCD Espanyol, the eventual champions, and lost 0-8. In all, it was a great experience for the team, composed of boys born in 2005, 2006, and 2007 -- a young group for the level of competition faced. Against great teams from around the world, the players held their own and the club is excited about the potential of 2007-born Jonathan Shore, who led the team in both goals and assists during the tournament.

With the competition over at the MIC, the players were able to watch the finals of other age groups and then was treated to the FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad match at the Camp Nou, where Lionel Messi scored two goals. During the final day before heading back to New York City, the team took in the sites of Barcelona.

Reflecting on the trip, MKFC President Evan Rosenthal said, "This type of trip is always a great experience, regardless of the results. But winning the first five matches at the MIC, finishing at the top of our group, and advancing deeper into the tournament really added extra excitement. I think it will be a trip these players remember for a long time."

Hector Nunez works hard to plan the trip because of the value it provides for the players in the club. "Playing in the MIC and going to Catalonia is an immersion into a culture where soccer means everything to the young players," Hector said. "These players dream about becoming a pro and you can see that in the intensity of the play, the passion, and the knowledge they have. It's a master class for our players."

MKFC TEAM (Players, Club, Year of Birth): Nikolai Peralta (MKFC, 2005), Jonathan Shore (MKFC, 2007), Sebastian Azzopardi (MKFC, 2005), Sam Davis (MKFC, 2006), Pol Gonzalez (Fundacia Hermes FC, 2005), Julian Larrea (BW Gottschee, 2004), Daniel Salom (Club Barcelonista Terlenka, 2006), Ben Kaspin (MKFC, 2007), Milo Hoffman (MKFC, 2005), Weston Jonke (Team Challenger FC, 2005), Milo Hignett (Team Challenger FC, 2005).



Barcelona Trip 2016

Trip featured on Barca TV:

Barcelona Trip 2015

2015 Kickers Trip to Barcelona and the Mediterranean International Cup

The Kickers second annual trip to Barcelona was a success. With the support of the FC Barcelona NYC Penya (, a team comprised of players aged 2003 and 2004 travelled to Catalonia from March 26th to April 7th. The first part of the trip was spent in Barcelona, where the team toured, trained, played in friendlies, and watched FC Barcelona matches. Then, the team left for a day of visiting the Costa Brava sites before arriving in Palamos, the site of the Mediterranean International Cup. The team competed in the tournament before returning to Barcelona for a day of site-seeing before flying home.

The team was comprised of thirteen players: eight MKFC players, two players from the Team Challenger FC in Ohio, one from Cedar Stars in New Jersey, and two Barcelona-based players from Club Esportiu Europa and Molins De Rei.

Ned Warshaw (2003, Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Jaden Sorkin (2003, Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Gus Mahler (2004, Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Everett Miller (2003, Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Mateo Perez-Nance, 2004 (Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Cooper Cassidy (2004, Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Markus Anderson-Adedeji (2003, Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Luca Koleosho (2004, Manhattan Kickers FC, New York), Aiden Wolf (2003, Team Challenger FC, Ohio), Jacob Bergin (2003, Team Challenger FC, Ohio), Brian Dine (2003, Cedar Stars Academy, New Jersey), Manu Lalla Rodriguez (2003, Molins de Rei CF, Catalonia), Marcel Perez Cabrero (2002, CE Europa, Catalonia).

Arriving in Barcelona after an all-night flight, the group hit the ground running with a light practice and a tour of the Camp Nou and FC Barcelona museum. That evening, the team watched FC Barcelona's futsal team play in a league game. The next day, the team trained in the morning and in the afternoon represented the NYC FCB Penya (fan club) in a match against a selection of Barcelona Penya club players. FC Barcelona hosted the match at the club facilities, and the players were able to get ready in the B stadium locker room. The team won the match 2-1 and afterwards the Kickers Director Evan Rosenthal was presented with a plaque commemorating the day. The game also made the local newspaper:

The next two days the team trained in the mornings and played matches against local clubs CE Europa ( and Molins de Rei CF ( One of the trainings was run by coaches from Soccer Services (  The team also watched FC Barcelona B play against Tenerife.

Leaving Barcelona on the way to the tournament, the team toured Costa Brava, stopping in Cadaques, Girona, and Calella De Palafrugell for some site-seeing before arriving at our hotel in Palamos for the (MIC) Mediterranean International Cup ( The MIC is one of the top international youth tournaments in the world drawing teams from around the globe. In this year's competition, the 2003 age group alone contained youth academy teams from professional clubs: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City FC, Getafe CF, Liverpool FC, Valencia CF, RCD Espanyol, Ajax, Manchester United FC, Brentford FC, as well as a diverse selection of top Catalan teams and other clubs around the world.

Before the opening ceremonies, the team watched FC Barcelona's 1996 team play as well as Real Mardid's 2001. Group play began the next day where the team lost a close match to Quart Esportiu from Catalonia, 3-1, in a tough game where the Kickers out-shot the opponent 17-7. The next day, the team rebounded with a 9-1 win over Sporty Club from Kuwait. The third group game was played against Anzhi FC from Russia, an organized and well-drilled squad. In a tight game, the Kickers gave up a goal in the final 30 seconds and lost 3-2, in the best game of the trip. Due to goal-differential, the team won a wild card to the next round. Up 1-0 to Quart Esportiu, the team missed a penalty kick and then conceded twice in the final minutes and lost 2-1, knocking the team out of meaningful matches. The next day, in an exhibition, the team played Liverpool FC and won 3-2, ending the play with a win. The next day, the team watched the 2003, 7-aside final where Espanyol defeated Valencia, and then the 2003, 11-aside final where Real Madrid beat FC Barcelona. On the final day before returning to Barcelona, the boys were treated to the finals in the other age groups. The last day was sunny, warm and clear and the group toured Barcelona before flying home the next morning.

2015 marked the second year in a row that the club traveled to Barcelona, and we are already looking forward to 2016 where we will bring a team of players born in 2004. The planning has already begun as we look to build on the success and experiences of the past two years.







Barcelona Trip 2014

2004/5 and 2002/3 have a successful trip to Barcelona

Two teams of Kickers players visited Barcelona in April for an intense ten days of soccer and cultural immersion. Along with playing friendly matches against the FC Barcelona select Penya team, FC Damm, Badalona FC, and FC Barcelona's futsal team, the groups competed in the Mare Nostrum Cup in Salou, near Tarragona, where they played clubs from all over Catalonia.

In addition to playing, the team also watched two professional matches, seeing RCD Espanyol tie Real Vallecano 2-2 at the Estadi Cornella-El Prat and FC Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao 2-1 on a late Messi goal at the Camp Nou. Some of the parents and coaches made the road trip to Valenciancia to see the King's Cup Classico, as Real Madrid beat FC Barcelona 2-1 with Gareth Bale's dramatic clincher.

Early in the trip, FC Barcelona hosted the teams to play against a select group from their Penya teams. The Kickers were representing the FC Barcelona New York City Penya and the matches were played at FC Barcelona's youth facility in the shadow of the Camp Nou. After the game, the club was presented with a plaque commemorating the game by Pau Vilanova, the head of FC Barcelona's global social commission. For more information and photos of the day at FC Barcelona, along with links to the FC Barcelona Penya website where the game was featured, go here:

Off the field, the group visited the Camp Nou and FC Barcelona Museum, they toured the city and saw the Sagrada Fami�????????????????????????�???????????????????????�??????????????????????�?????????????????????�????????????????????�???????????????????�??????????????????�?????????????????�????????????????�???????????????�??????????????�?????????????�????????????�???????????�??????????�?????????�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�­lia and Gothic neighborhoods, and some of the parents got together one night at the city's oldest bar, Bar Marsella. One evening, the players and parents also visited the Castellers de Barcelona to see the Catalan tradition of human towers, and were able to participate in a demonstration.

On the way to the tournament in Tarragona, the team stopped for a traditional Catalan meal and also visited the serene Poblet Monastery. At the Mare Nostrum Cup, the teams played matches at a new facility in Salou against clubs from Catalonia. On the way back to Barcelona, the teams toured the ancient Roman city of Tarragona.

The trip was coordinated by Kickers coach Hector Nunes, a native of Catalonia and former coach in FC Barcelona as well as other clubs in the area. Supporting the mission of the Kickers, the experience gave the players a taste of one of the world's best soccer cultures in Barcelona and a chance to compete against a higher level of play and a greater standard of organization and professionalism than can be experienced at home.  

Photos from the trip:

Both teams at the Camp Nou tour...

Warming up for the Penya match at the FC Barcelona fields with the Camp Nou in the background...

Match vs Penya select team...

Gus pressuring the ball...

Ned dribbling...

Hector coaching...

U10 and U12 teams...

Presentation of plaque by Pau Villanova...

Pau Villanova presenting Kickers Director Evan Rosenthal with a plaque...

Match vs Penya featured in Barcelona's sporting newspaper, Mundo Deportivo...


At Camp Nou...

Warming up before match against Damm FC...

Match vs Damm FC...

Espanyol game...

Enjoying a traditional Catalan meal...

Touring the Poblet Monastery...

At the Mare Nostrum Cup...

In action... Cooper winning a ball...

Luca dribbling the goalkeeper to score another goal...

Warming up for quarter-final...

Touring Tarragona...


Video from the trip:

Previous years...

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